ErgoFit Bike Fitments

Bike it offers bicycle fitments using the ergofit bikefit system. Laser fitments, cleat alignments and video analysis is available in a full fitment.

Please note we only offer fitments on new bikes purchased from us and do not setup new bikes bought from other stores.

What is the Ergofit system? 

ErgoFiT is a scientifically formulated cycling ergonomic product that takes dynamic characteristics such as training history, training load, flexibility and discipline into account. This then leads to the correct setup of your bicycle, whether for road riding, time trial, cross country mountain biking, marathon riding or stage racing.

Proper bike fit is essential in reducing the incidence of knee and numerous other injuries. Frame size, seat height and position, handlebar height and position, crank length, and foot position are the primary fit-related adjustments that must be made for each cyclist. A comfortable, perfect-fitting bike means your skills will improve immeasurably as you go out and enjoy each ride. And it all starts with the frame. Handlebars, stems and saddles can be swapped out or adjusted to create a better-fitting bike.

But getting the frame right is the important first step. And again, correct positioning and set-up of all components are extremely important in achieving optimum power output and avoiding overuse knee and other injuries.

Why Use ErgoFiT? 

Extremely Retail Efficient

ErgoFiT has been proven to be very accurate!

Scientific Process

Removes subjective decisions and guesswork.

Why is a predictive component of the fitting so important?

Without a predetermined set of parameters it is not possible to determine the correct frame size. An incorrect frame size can be manipulated to create the impression that the bike fits, but there will be consequences such as compromised handling or sub-optimal muscle recruitment patterns.

For example, a frame that is too large can be adjusted to fit a rider by shortening the stem and moving the saddle further forward. However, this will result in under-steer and the possibility that the front wheel will slide out in sharp turns or in wet conditions. In addition, it will result in over recruitment of the quadriceps, placing them at risk of premature fatigue.

 6 Point Optimisation Steps

Predictive and 6 point optimisation steps are independent – Level of redundancy corrects for almost all possible errors made by the fitter.

Large Customer Database

Complete database of all customers, including their bikes. Easy to update client profile, check an existing bike fit or start a new bike fitting altogether

Why is a personalised fitting so important?

We like to use this example to get the point across:

John & Simon are twins. John is a professional who rides 25 hours a week and has done so for the last 10 years. Simon doesn’t ride at all, but is now getting his act together & giving riding a go. If they both go for a bike fitment using traditional fitting methods, they would more than likely end up with the same seat height, saddle setback, reach and handlebar drop. This doesn’t make sense does it? John’s body may be more flexible and is clearly going to be more adapted to riding a bike. This would probably mean a position where he would be more efficient at producing power from a position that is more aggressive and with a greater saddle height and setback, while Simon would probably require the opposite. With an ErgoFiT fitment, both riders would have very different fitment outcomes.

The ErgoFit Fitment Process


Individual Assessment

Part 1 of the fitting process begins with an in depth individual assessment where the cyclist’s training history, flexibility, and measurements such as leg length, height and arm length are captured. With this information the system uses the advanced algorithms to generate an extremely accurate predicted bike fitting report. An important distinction between ErgoFiT and other systems is the use of trochanteric leg length instead of inseam measurements (which have been shown to be extremely inaccurate)

Measurement Application

Part 2 entails the accurate application of these predicted measurements on to the bike using our specially designed ErgoFiT fitment jig while using both objective and highly reproducible measurements.

Digital Optimisation Process

Part 3 is a 6 point digital optimisation process. Using our new digital system, ErgoFiT will analyse the fit and advise on any points which fall outside of the correct reference range. The system will also advise which parameters to adjust and by how much. Fine adjustments are then made to ensure that an optimal fitment is achieved every time. An electronic fitting report is then emailed by the system directly to the customer when the fitter confirms that the fitting has been completed. The ErgoFiT 5.0 digital fitting process provides a fast, accurate and foolproof fitting technique for all users.

What is the difference between a basic fitment and advanced fit?

Basic -  includes bike sizing, crank length, saddle height, saddle setback, bar drop, stem length.

Advanced  - includes all that of a basic fitment. Bike sizing, crank length, saddle height, saddle setback, bar drop, stem length, crank length.

As well as cleat setup, shoe shims, saddle sizing, inner shoe arch sizing.


Times and days available for bike fitments as follows.

Tuesdays - 9 am 

Wednesdays - 9 am 

Please note, we do not offer fitments on bikes bought new from other stores.

The specialized Epic mtb 2018-2023 does not fit our indoor trainer, therefore we do not offer fitments to guys on this bike model.