KOGEL 6902 Ceramic Bearing

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Kogel Bearings offers ceramic wheel bearings for any wheelset. 

Think of your wheel bearings: they are always under load and always moving. Whether you are going uphill or downhill, pedaling or coasting.It makes total sense to upgrade to better bearings.

Kogel’s “Guaranteed Performance” Warranty

  • Kogel Bearings takes pride in delivering a best-in-industry warranty. Their 2-year warranty means you can feel confident and secure about your next two seasons of riding.
  • If a product fails in the first year, it will be replaced. The second year will require an annual bearing service.

Ceramic vs. Steel Bearings

The silicon nitride used in Kogel Ceramic bearing balls has a set of material properties making them perfect for bicycle wheel bearings.

The material can be polished smoother than any metal reducing friction and wear.  Additionally, Silicon Nitride does not deform under load keeping contact points with the bearing races to a minimum.

The material also does not rust preventing the balls and races from seizing up if the bearings get contaminated. A simple cleaning and re-greasing will often bring new life to an abused bearing.