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The SRAM X01 Eagle AXS 1x12-speed Groupset consists of: 

  • SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Type 3 X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur 12-speed
  • SRAM XG-1295 Eagle Cassette 12-speed
  • SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Controller (Shifter) 12-speed
  • SRAM X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed
  • SRAM X01 Eagle DUB crankset with 32T Direct Mount X-Sync chainring

brakes, hubs and bottom bracket not included! These can be ordered separately. 

SRAM Eagle AXS - Technology For Simplicity

At a glance, Eagle AXS™ brings the real benefits of wireless electronic shifting to the mountain bike. On a deeper level, it offers discerning riders unprecedented personalization and control of the drivetrain. On the bike and off. Deepening the relationship between machine and rider. This addition to the Eagle™ ecosystem enhances capability. Removes complexity. And provides riders an experience like never before imagined. 

Pioneering upon a proven backbone

The X01 Eagle AXS™ combines the proven, dedicated 1x backbone of Eagle™ with a connected wireless electronic derailleur and controller (shifter). With completely new inputs at the bar that initiate a shift with a touch. It is an all-new derailleur that is specifically designed and optimized to be motor-driven instead of cable-actuated, to truly leverage what this allows. AXS™ powered components enable customization and scale to an individual rider’s liking via the AXS™ app (for Google Android and Apple iOS platform available). 

The pure shifting performance of Eagle AXS™ is the real difference maker. Shift under load, over the roughest terrain, uphill, or without changing your grip on the bar. Eagle AXS™ changes your level of control on the bike when you’re under pressure and pushing hard into the red. But more than that, it changes your relationship with the bike. 

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS™ - Enduro spec follows this group

There is an element of the unknown when it comes to running new trail and racing blind. X01 Eagle AXS™ utilizes the proven backbone of SRAM 1x™. 500-percent gear range. A more secure and longer wearing X-SYNC™2 chainring. The resilience of an aluminum cage, paired with the connected components of Eagle AXS™. 

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Type 3 X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur 12-speed

More than a mechanical derailleur with a battery and a motor bolted on, the Eagle AXS™ derailleur is the brain of the whole AXS™ system. Trim it at set-up for zero rub, making the near-silent operation of Eagle™ even more stealth—all while improving drivetrain longevity.
It features a shorter aluminium cage for 10mm more ground clearance, with more chain wrap on the cassette to sit slightly further forward, and further inboard from mechanical Eagle™. Instantaneous shifts from a single touch even while under World Cup-winning chain loads recorded in the heat of racing and affirmed in the test lab.
And of course it features SRAM's proven, 1x-specific X-HORIZON™ design. Large X-SYNC™ lower pulley, allows 10- to 50-tooth cassette capacity in this compact design, and also adds to Eagle's overall smooth-pedaling feel. The SRAM X01 Eagle AXS™ derailleur uses both Type-3 roller bearing clutch and Overload Clutch. Type 3 roller bearing clutch is used to control cage movement and chain management. The Overload gearbox clutch protects the derailleur’s wireless motor in the event of impact. The CAGE LOCK™ function allows for an easy servicing. A robust mounting system further improves the Eagle™ derailleur's performance and overall durability. Thanks to stainless steel hardware it offers excellent durability. 

A bit about the battery

Yes, Eagle AXS™ uses a battery. One that is removable for easy recharging after 20 hours of ride time*. One that only weighs 25g and is detachable with a single clip. One that is "hot swappable"" if needed—from derailleur to your Reverb AXS™ seatpost or even your SRAM RED eTap AXS™ road group. And it only takes an hour to charge. 
Dreailleur compatible with Eagle™-Cassette 10-50 teeth only. 

SRAM XG-1299 Eagle Cassette 12-speed - Rainbow Color

SRAM XG-1295 Eagle Cassette 12-speed

Take a quick look at the X-DOME™ Eagle™ cassette. The last dangling shred of an argument in favor of a mountain bike front derailleur is now officially dead. Designed for use with our proven, reliable XD™ driver body, this 12-speed, 10- to 50-tooth cassette offers an optimal 500-percent gear range at a considerably lighter weight than 2x systems. It carries with it the X-DOME™ architecture, which, independent tests have concluded, yields the strongest cassettes on the market. New shifting characteristics improve both, inboard and outboard shifting, as well as chain retention. 

  • SRAM's cassette manufacturing technology provides the greatest durability and lightest weight
  • XD™ driver body compatible
  • 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 50

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS Controller 12-speed

No cable, housing or wires to manage opened up design and engineering possibilities with the Eagle AXS™ controller. Helping SRAM pioneer a completely new shifting experience with ergonomic touchpoints that take just enough effort to press. 

Touchpoints that are totally customizable to your preferences, allowing you to choose which button does what through the AXS™ app. Choose from three functions: Inboard shift. Outboard shift. Dropper. Use one of the touchpoints to control your electronic Reverb AXS™ dropper seatpost. And the power save mode in the controller wakes up after a single touch to save battery when not in use. 

The Secret Sprint Paddle

Beyond the controller’s standard paddle, an included "Secret Sprint" paddle oriented on the front-side of the controller near your index knuckle allows for quick shifts with virtually no change to your grip on the handlebar. 

  • MatchMaker™ X compatible
  • only use one CR2032 watch battery - 2 years or more lifespan

SRAM X01 Eagle DUB crankset with X-Sync chainring STRONGER. STIFFER. LIGHTER

SRAM knows you have a lot of choices when choosing a crankset, and that choice says a lot about your personal style. SRAM has designed the X01 Eagle™ crankset for riders who feel most stylish when they stand on top of the podium. This is a completely reengineered design, employing SRAM's proprietary CARBON TUNED™ lay-up technology. Built tough, to handle aggressive lines through rock gardens and big hits wherever you find them. The X01 Eagle™ is one of the strongest, stiffest and lightest cranksets thanks to DUB™ (Durable Unified Bottom Bracket) technology, which features a better-engineered bottom bracket and a universell spindle design. Together, these allow for a more uniform approach to bottom bracket fitment, better sealing against contamination—and define a new measure of durability. The bearing play will be fine tuned with an adjuster ring. Combined with the new Eagle™ direct mount chainrings, and as an integral part of the Eagle™ drivetrain, this is a crankset that gives your ride a winning style-assuming you are into that sort of thing. 

SRAM X01 Eagle Chain 12-speed

It might look normal from the outside, but the engineering inside this incredible new chain design that makes possible a gear range previously found only in 2-chainring drivetrains. And it's also the biggest contributor to the Eagle™ drivetrain's ultra-smooth, precise, durable and quiet performance. The Eagle™ chain's links have a smooth radius, with no sharp edges or chamfers, which yield a significant reduction in noise, friction and wear on chainrings and cassette cogs. This design also allows for a flatter plate, which means more consistent chain riveting and greater overall strength. HARD CHROME™ technology extends the chain's optimal performance life. The PowerLock® chain connector with FLOW LINK™ technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity. 

Technologies SRAM X01 Eagle AXS:

  • AXS
  • DUB
  • X-SYNC
  • X-DOME
  • X-Glide 2
  • XD Driver
  • MatchMaker X Integrated
  • Flow Link
  • PowerLock

Please visit the individual product pages to learn more about the technologies.
The Eagle AXS™ system is completely water and dust proof to the IP69K international standard.