Bontrager Pro Pocket Case

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An elegant pocket case with three compartments and a zipped closure that can safely store phone, keys, ID, cards, cash and more.

Carry it with class

A classy pocket case with three internal pockets to keep your essentials safely stored. A larger pocket is ideal for most mobile phones, while two smaller compartments hold keys, credit cards, cash or ID. The zipped closure keeps everything secure and the finishing materials give it all a touch of class. You can do better than the plastic baggy.

Product details

  1. Elegant storage for phone, wallet and ride essentials
  2. Durable synthetic leather construction with water-resistant properties
  3. Three internal, one larger and two smaller pockets for tidy storage
  4. Sized for easy storage in a jersey pocket
  5. A zipped closure for secure storage


Cargo capacity Small
Bag type Accessory packs
Dimensions 14cm x 9cm
Attachment On the body
Fibre content 39% Polyester / 33% Synthetic Leather / 28% Neoprene