Bontrager Road Clipless 9 Degree Pedal Cleat Set

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A set of durable, 3-bolt Look Cycle’s KÉO®-compatible replacement road cleats that come with all mounting hardware.


Get that fresh cleat feel

These solidly-built cleats work with Bontrager road pedals or any Look Cycle’s KÉO®-compatible clipless pedals.

Whether you're looking for replacements, need a new set for a new pair of kicks or just like to keep an extra pair in your toolkit.

Product details

  1. Replacement cleats for all Look Cycle’s KÉO®-compatible road pedals
  2. Directly compatible with Bontrager Comp Road pedals
  3. Set includes 1 pair
  4. Includes mounting hardware


Use with Bontrager Pedals
Manufacturer part # RC-7A
Float 9 deg.